To be a Values That Matter™ builder, you will be required to meet specified standards in business operation. In addition, any home sold as a “Values That Matter™ Certified Plan” must meet or exceed certain mandatory threshold standards and must achieve an overall minimum score of 85% on optional standards. Mandatory and optional standards for the design and construction of a “Values That Matter™ Certified Plan” will be grouped in the six areas of Business Operations, Affordability, Family Lifestyle, Functionality, Aesthetics and Sustainability. A Certification Worksheet will list the mandatory and optional standards in each of the six areas. A weighted point system will be used to score the plan and determine if it meets the 85% requirement.

Certified Plans

There are two ways to offer a “Values That Matter™ Certified Plan” to homebuyers. First, all plans in the “Values That Matter™ Plan Collection” meet the requirements. Second, builders can submit their own plans for evaluation and certification. A builder must show that they own the copyrights to the plan, and will be required to submit 1/8” scale drawings and a completed Plan Certification Worksheet. The information will be reviewed and if the plan meets the requirements, it will be certified. If the plan doesn’t meet the requirements, it will be returned with comments on what needs to be changed to meet the requirements. The plan can then be re-submitted for certification. The fee for plan certification is $400. When a plan is accepted for certification, the builder agrees that the plan can be included in the “Values That Matter™ Plan Collection” and be available to other builder members. The original builder’s exclusive right to build the plan will be protected within a 100-mile radius.

Renderings of Builder Certified Plans

Before a Certified Plan can be used in any Values That Matter™ marketing materials, it must be rendered in a style consistent with the “Values That Matter™ Plan Collection”. The fees for renderings are as follows:

  • Front Elevation $200 Required
  • Main Floor Plan with Furniture Layout $150 Required
  • Upper Floor Plan with Furniture Layout $150 Required
  • Alternate Room Layouts $75 (Optional)
  • Basement Floor Plan $100 (Optional)
  • Roof Diagram $50 (Optional)

Exclusivity Rules

The initial one-year membership as a “Values That Matter™ Builder” entitles you to select one (1) county for exclusivity. Additional counties may be reserved for exclusivity. Membership and county exclusivity are subject to annual renewal.

You may advertise that you are the “Exclusive Values That Matter™ Builder” only in the county or counties that you reserve.