Sample Marketing

Sample Marketing

Print Advertising

Although print advertising lacks the readership of the past, it still should be part of the overall marketing plan. These ads are designed to differentiate your company from the competition and allow space for your company logo and mandatory information.

Direct Mail

Direct mail offers the opportunity to target specific markets. Jumbo, colorful postcards are the most cost efficient means of reaching potential homebuyers. These postcards are also designed to allow space for your company logo and mandatory information.


Brochures outline the benefits of “Values That Matter” ™ to your prospective homebuyers, and are designed to support your selling efforts. They are intended to differentiate your company from the competition.

Email Campaign

Email blasts, properly executed, can be the most effective form of marketing and advertising. The creative strategy of each will help separate you from your competition. You’ll be able to customize them to meet your specific needs.

Tabletop Display

The display is designed to support your sales strategies and clearly demonstrate the unique differences offered by your company as a Values That Matter™ builder.