How To Become a Values That Matterâ„¢ builder.

How To Become a Values That Matterâ„¢ builder.

Program Details


Initial One Year Membership $4,250

Membership includes all of the services listed below and the exclusive rights to use the Values That Matter™ name, logo, and plan collection. Exclusivity is for a selected county, and additional counties may be purchased as described in the supplemental services listed below.

Services Included With Membership

  • Exclusive Use Of Logo And All Materials
  • Exclusive Access To Plan Collection
  • One Free Plan License
  • Four Standard Print Advertisements – Ready For Customization
  • Two Direct Mail Pieces – Ready For Customization
  • Three-Part Email Campaign
  • Website Add-In – Ready For Insertion On Your Website
  • Tabletop Display – Explains The Benefits To The Consumer Of Purchasing A Home From A Values That Matter™ Builder
  • Product Brochure – Ready For Customization
  • Listing On Website,
  • New Plans Added To The Collection Each Year
  • New Advertisements Added Each Year

Annual Membership Renewal Fee $995

Supplemental Services

  • Additional County Exclusivity $995
  • Annual Additional County Renewal Fee $275
  • Unlimited License For Additional Plans From The Collection $425 Ea.
  • Review and Analysis Of Existing Builder Plans For Certification As A Values That Matter™ Plan $400